Fall Oven & Spit Roaster Pigs

Suckling Oven Roaster Pig. Photo courtesy of Sariann Lehrer of Inn at the Crossroads
Note that we do not cook pigs – we sell them raw ready to cook.

Ready to party?!? We have a roaster pigs in the cooler that is available for immediate events this holiday week. Roasters can vary from the intimate ~10 pounders for a few friends to larger spit roasters up to 200 lbs to feed a village.

Available Roasters Now:
Oven: 23 lb @ $150 + $65 process = $205
Oven: 26 lb @ $150 + $65 process = $205
Spit, Box or Pit: 70 lb @ $4/lb = $280 + $65 processing = $345

Other sizes are available with about three weeks to a month’s notice to get into the butcher’s schedule. See the Roasters Page for more details.

Pigs can be butterflied, split or head removed for a $25 fee.
Prices is based on hanging weight with head on.

You can pickup here at the farm or get delivery in Vermont.
Delivery is available on our route in Vermont for $15.
We deliver weekly to towns along the route:
Tuesdays up I-89 from Barre to Burlington at City Market on Tuesdays;
Alternate Tuesdays we also loop up to Plainfield, Hardwick and Stowe;
Wednesdays we deliver down I-91 from Bradford to Brattleboro.

Contact us with your roaster pig needs. See the Roaster Page for details. Cuts, ground and sausage are also available. See the Literature Page for details and pricing.

Outdoors: 34°F/42°F Overcast
Tiny Cottage: 57°F/59°F

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