Fall Foliage Panorama 2016

Fall Foliage across Marsh Field at Sugar Mountain Farm
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The trees are at peak colors in the central mountains of Vermont near Montpelier as shown by the view I see each day. Spectacular!

Outdoors: 41°F/56°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 55°F/61°F

Daily Spark: Being alive is a lot more interesting than being dead. -Tim Urban on Cryonics

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8 Responses to Fall Foliage Panorama 2016

  1. David Lloyd Sutton says:

    Walter, you once said that you do vaccinate, due largely to an individual and an event. When you have the time, would you please post about what you vaccinate for, at what life stages, the mechanics of the process, and what started you using vaccines? I have seen a video in which Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms essentially debunked the necessity of bioisolation and of vaccinations. That struck me as a pollyanna sort of attitude, just from knowing some microbiology. ???


    • The man who brought us disease cost us over $80,000 in lost finishing pigs and killed 14 of my top sows. His name shall forever be a cuss word in our family. Someday I’ll tell the tale of woe.

      Joel Salatin is welcome to do things his way but I disagree with him based on both theory and experience. Biosecurity is important. Think about how the Native Americans fared when the Spanish and others brought them tidings of joy and disease to these shores. That is a classic example of a naive population suffering under the thrust of new disease.

  2. David Lloyd Sutton says:

    Understood. Read Jared Diamond’s Collapse or The First Frontier . . . Do want to see your workup on this sometime.

  3. aminthepm says:

    The photo does not do justice when being at location. No wonder so many people visit New England leaf peeping.

  4. aminthepm says:

    The first reply to David Lloyd Sutton in last paragraph, last sentence should read native population , not naive .

    • It does look like a typo but it’s a technical. A naive population is one that has not experienced exposure to a disease and thus is likely to be harmed more by the disease since they have no immunity. Once they are exposed to the disease then the survivors are no longer naive to the disease.

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