On the Rag

Towel to the Rescue

Each week we sort meat to orders. As I sort I weigh up the packages for invoicing customers. The packages of meat are extra cold, super chilled to about 27°F to 30°F. Meat doesn’t freeze until it gets below 25°F. Keeping meat at a low temperature maximizes quality because it stops all bacterial growth so there is no spoilage.

But there is a downside, in the middle of the summer the air is humid so condensation can quickly form on the package. The condensation can cause the labels to run or bleed a small amount which doesn’t look good.

There are several solutions to this problem. The simplest is I put a rag on the scale and set the packages of meat on the rag. I tare the scale before hand so any accumulated water weight is accounted for. Periodically I change towels as needed. This has helped a lot and is a temporary fix. We have also started using towels like this on top of the packaged meat as it gets racked in iCutter before it gets put back in the coolers.

I have two more solutions to the label ink bleeding which attack the deeper problem – topics for other posts in a month or two once I have they’re fully tested.

Outdoors: 60°F/78°F Sunny, Light Rain
Tiny Cottage: 65°F/70°F

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12 Responses to On the Rag

  1. John says:

    How does it help to tar the scale? – John with a smile

  2. John says:

    Double check me on this but I think you mean tare not tar

  3. Michael says:

    Do you feather it too? (tare)

    • Farmerbob1 says:

      Sounds like April 1st material!

      Perhaps one of the other Jefferies will see this and make appropriate arrangements for next year. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of any of the rest of the family pranking Walter…

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