First Monarch Butterfly

First Monarch Butterfly in Two Years

This is the first Monarch Butterfly I’ve seen in two years. So far I’ve seen only one this year which is quite discouraging. One almost doesn’t even count. Recent research is blaming Monsanto, GMOs and their herbicide RoundUp in part [1, 2, 3, 4] for the decline of these butterflies. Loss of habitat in their Central American forest landing zone is another culprit.

What can we do? Let milkweed plants live. Don’t kill them all off and it gives the Monarch Butterflies who do migrate through a place to lay their eggs.

If you have lots of lawn, or even if you don’t, plant some milkweed and other butterfly flowers in spots around your property. Wild flowers are so easy to grow. Go with the native flowers – sources here.

Small steps make the world a little better.

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3 Responses to First Monarch Butterfly

  1. Nance says:

    I have left the wild (native) milkweed to grow. I saw one Monarch caterpillar on it a week ago. A year ago, we watched 6 caterpillars (or so) on the milkweed. Hoping for a ‘come back’.

  2. Pam R says:

    We saw a couple here in Western Mass this year. Haven’t seen a lot in many years.

  3. Integritygirl (@_integritygirl) says:

    Plant MILKWEED, they will come.

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