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Fly Away Little Bird

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Little Bird in the Hand I just caught a bird in my hand. Very gently. I was afraid of crushing it. It is so small. I actually caught it three times but twice let go because I didn’t want to … Continue reading

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Apple Time

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Apples Ripening Our apple and pear trees are heavy with fruit. It is the fall bounty. We have a lot of apple trees out in the pastures, primarily wild. Both pigs and chickens enjoy the drops.

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On the Rag

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Towel to the Rescue Each week we sort meat to orders. As I sort I weigh up the packages for invoicing customers. The packages of meat are extra cold, super chilled to about 27°F to 30°F. Meat doesn’t freeze until … Continue reading

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Makon Bacon

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Test Bacon Batch This summer I’ve been making a lot of bacon as well as doing a number of other pork belly recipes. I’m up to my 14th batch. Eating in the name of science and marketing you might say.

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