Moving Pigs

Moving Sow & Piglets

Someone asked about how to move pigs around the farm. I’ve written about this several times but they’re scattered in different articles so here’s a list of ways to move pigs:

Leading Pigs
Moving Pigs Line of Sight
Sorting & Driving Pigs
South Weaner Paddock
Moving Roasters in Fence Panel
Piggy Back
Archimedes Farewell
Loading Pigs
Box of Piglets
Vet Visit
Dump Crate Mark II
Serendipity Chutes and Sorting Boards

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Daily Spark: Speaking of moving things, teleportation research raises some interesting questions… If I record you and then transmit you and you end up a bit scrambled we can just try again, right? :) This raises the obvious question of just how right do I have to get it when reassembling you? What percent right makes you you?

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  1. Farmerbob1 says:

    Walter, I doubt you intended to capitalize the ‘i’ in ‘PIgs’ in the title?

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