Things to do with Fresh Pork Belly

First Blackberry of the Season

Now that we have our Vermont State Inspection at the butcher shop we’ve been delivering in-state CSA Pre-Buys and Kickstarter packages for almost a year. One person recently asked for ideas of what to do with fresh belly.

The belly which is also called side pork comes from along the ribs and belly of the pig. Bacon is made from the belly by curing with salt, spices and then smoking. We sell a lot of that in the stores to people who make their own bacon and fresh side pork.

Fresh side pork is simply slicing the fresh belly into bacon like pieces with a knife and then frying them up. Use a very sharp knife and if the belly is a little bit frozen so it is stiff then you will find it easier to slice. Salt and pepper plus your choice of spices or perhaps maple syrup.

To make your own bacon at home there are lots of videos on YouTube. Try this search pattern.

You can smoke it or not as you like. I just did some with smoked paprika in my spice mix which gives it some of that smoked flavor without having to do smoking.

Here are some other fresh pork belly recipes on YouTube too:

And reader suggested… (leave more suggestions in comments!)

Cantonese Char Siu [1, 2, 3, 4]

Okonomiyaki Pork Belly

Plaited Pork Belly


Here’s an article about how to make a related treat, chicharrons, with the skin if you want to separate from the pork belly. You can also get the pork skin separately for this recipe.

If you are in Vermont and haven’t gotten your Kickstarter package then I’ll be contacting you over the next months to verify timing for delivery. Most people are meeting us along our route or if they’re right on our route we’re doing home delivery. In both cases I put some extra pork in to thank you for saving us the cost of shipping as well as some extra meat for all your patience and support in the building of the butcher shop.

After we do Vermont we’ll start with people who are in the region who can meet us within Vermont on our delivery route such as at White River Junction, Brattleboro for those to the south and up in Burlington for upstate New York. This limitation has to do with regulations about delivering meat across state borders from a state inspected facility which is where we are right now.

For folks further outside Vermont we will start delivering packages after we complete Vermont and get our USDA inspection which is required for shipping interstate.

If you haven’t recently check out the Butcher Shop Page to see how the project turned out and thank you everyone for your support in building our on-farm butcher shop!

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7 Responses to Things to do with Fresh Pork Belly

  1. aminthepm says:

    After looking at the pictures and videos this morning I think I’ll go have some pork belly for breakfast.

  2. Julia says:

    Psst. It’s state borders, not boarders. (You can delete this, just wanted you to know…)

    • Fixed. Thanks! I appreciate all the eyes. One of the great things about online publishing is we can fix things as opposed to paper books and magazines I used to publish where once it went to film that was it – no more changes.

  3. Larry says:

    Char siu is also made from pork belly. Talk about delectable!

  4. Chiral says:

    I like it on okonomiyaki too. It’s great when you’ve got a lot of cabbages around like we do right now.

    I’m not real big on bacon because smoke and smoke flavors and smells give me migraines. Real smoke makes me have asthma attacks too.

    But I’ve often cured up a pork belly and had the green bacon like other people eat the smoked stuff. Very tasty and headache free.

    I wish we had someone raising hogs like you do nearby. I want to start raising weaners up within the next few years, but don’t feel I have the land or experience for breeding. I have a lot of goat milk though :)

  5. Rox says:

    One word for you
    Use cured pork belly
    OMG! To die for!
    We bring the cheese to our kids and make it at their house. Rebloshone cheese is pretty expensive so we buy a cheese called interestingly enough, “Tartiflette Cheese”
    My husband makes the most awesome Tartiflette, they key is the dry white wine.

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