Day Lily Whirl

Day Lily in a Whirl of Motion

This is not a computer edited photo. It’s not CGI. Rather I spun my hand as I took the photo. It is a rather pleasing effect.

The first time it happened accidentally. I stumbled as I was taking a picture of one of the tiger lilies down by the mailbox. Upon examination of my serendipitous artwork I realized the technique had potential. So I did a whole bunch more, trying different shutter speeds and hand motions.

Outdoors: 70°F/60°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 68°F/72°F

Daily Spark: Do you know that eggs get laid every day but only once in their life?

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  1. eggyknap says:

    Your pigeons arrived yesterday with a 2016 calendar in their clutches. I’m quite pleased with it! Thanks much.

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