Whey Trough Divider in Winter

Whey Trough Divided

On some of our whey troughs we have dividers that allow the same trough to serve multiple groups. This makes feeding the pigs easier as we can fill a single 300 gallon whey trough to serve two or three groups of pigs.

In the photo above the south main herd is being serviced by three quarters of the trough while a sow is drinking on the last quarter which is dedicated to the winter farrowing sows.

The farrowing sows are divided off from the main herd so that they can have the privacy they naturally seek to build their nests and have their piglets.

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2 Responses to Whey Trough Divider in Winter

  1. Farmerbob1 says:

    Looks a bit crowded in there. I know that pigs aren’t exactly the most socially generous animals when food is present. How frequent are injuries in the press for food? How often are the fences damaged?

    • It is always crowded no matter how large the feeding area when the through first gets filled because pigs are competitive feeders and have a “me-first” attitude. Pigs are not cooperative. They do observe high rank and there is a bit of a social ladder such that the biggest pigs tend to get in and drink first, then they leave and the next ranks slide in. Strong fences are important. Occasionally a pig will get pushed into the trough by one behind them which is why there are rocks in the troughs such that they can climb back out. See Trough Divider, Escape Route and Pig vs Trough Size.

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