20,000th Comment!

Performing Carpel Tunnel Surgery on a Pig

The prize for the 20,000th comment goes to Eggyknap for their comment on the Mystery Photo post in June.

For more fun blog statistics see the recent post Over 5,000,000 Blog Visits.

Thank you everyone for playing and Eggyknap, watch for your mystery secret super decoder ring which is winging it’s way to you via pigeon mail. Please call in your hawks so as not to interfere with the mail!

Outdoors: 75°F/53°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 73°F/70°F

Daily Spark: Ungrinding a pig is difficult.

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5 Responses to 20,000th Comment!

  1. eggyknap says:

    Lucky me! :) The hawks have been called off for the day!

  2. aminthepm says:

    Regarding pigeons I had neighbors that fed birds and squirrels. Husband counted 70 pigeons lined up , so hawks are more than welcome ! Can’t shoot with close neighbors if you’re wondering.

    • Farmerbob1 says:

      Get hawk and/or owl yard decorations and put them out in your yard in plain sight near the ‘problem’ area. I imagine you could see a difference in the local nuisance animal population. At the same time, you might suddenly discover that your neighbor has very cold shoulders, and is willing to share.

  3. JimmyT says:

    They’re called trotters, but do pigs really trot? And if they do, then why name the dance after a silly fox? I think that “swinetrot” sounds rather noble.

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