Healed Broken Back

Broken Back Healed Up

On rare occasions as I disassemble a pig I’ll find signs of injuries like the broken backbone in the photo above. This pig was probably stepped on as a piglet when it’s bones were fairly soft and it managed to heal up without any particularly visible damage, from the outside. However that does look like it could have been pinching the spinal nerve a bit. That might have resulted in a bit of weakness in the hind legs.

Today it got up to 86°F (30°C) which is as hot as I’ve ever recorded the temperatures here on Sugar Mountain. Simply sweltering! Yes, I know you Texans are going to be laughing at me… :)

While we don’t experience true burning heat in these parts we get the corresponding lows during the winter which can reach -45°F (-43°C) before the wind chill and -100°F (-73°C) with windchill. It got almost that cold this winter, which was a warm winter as our winters go. I find it easier to deal with extreme cold than extreme heat so I won’t begrudge you southerners your +100°F (38°C) summer temperatures at all…

Outdoors: 86°F/64°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 66°F/62°F

Daily Spark: Use words not swords.

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4 Responses to Healed Broken Back

  1. Pitt 2500 says:

    This is very interesting.
    To me it almost looks like it was pushed up from inside vs down from above??

  2. Karen says:

    I see what you mean about looking like it was pushed up from below. One possible explanation–Forces parallel to the long axis of the spine (paraspinous muscles) will easily cause one side of the fracture to rise relative to the other if the fracture line is not vertical (just like an earthquake fault). The spinal canal looks pretty pinched; I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some hindquarters weakness. Which would have been a problem if occurring in a breeder. I suppose.

  3. J.D. Ray says:

    It’s not just the Southerners that are experiencing heat: we had a few days over 100 degrees here in Portland, Oregon over a month ago. It’s been relatively cool here since, but August could shape up to be a real swelter.

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