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Wild Ducklings

Wild Duck & Ducklings While walking the north field I spotted this mother duck and her eight ducklings.

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Mystery Photo: Pig Hippy Pot of Moss

Skull of the mysterious mountain Piggyhippypotomoss I picked this interesting bone out of the compost pile. Can you recognize what it is? It would make a great monster skull mask for Halloween. Perhaps something a shaman would wear to make … Continue reading

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Deadly Cold Mist

Mist in the SoLow Freezer When I open SoLow freezer slowly this is the view that greets me. That is a deadly cold mist. Don’t breath it in or it could freeze your throat and lungs. The SoLow freezer is … Continue reading

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Field Nest

Rooted Nest Our pigs root very little out in the pastures. When they root primarily they do something like this to build a nest. The rooting shown here is only about an inch or two deep. That’s pretty typical. Their … Continue reading

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