Simple Things

Automatic Door Holder

Sometimes the simple things can make a big difference. Farming involves a lot of innovation to make things work. Often these things are stimulated by challenges. Little tricks accumulate over time to create the culture that is passed on to shape societies.

On a very small note, related to the above, someone lost their job. They were replaced not by a robot but by a simple bungie cord. When backing up the van we used to have one person hold the door as the van mated with the chute of the corral where we load pigs each week. Lacking a person I found a solution.

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Daily Spark: The Universe has never hesitated to challenge me, and I it.

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4 Responses to Simple Things

  1. Marsha says:

    Unfortunately, our society tends more and more to look for solutions even when there are lots of people… “Innovation” prizes are given for putting people out of jobs. How long can we go on like that? I’m not recommending turning back the clock, but somewhere there must be some sort of balance point. I guess it will probably find itself, but the consequences may not be pretty.

  2. Brett Mebane says:

    Hi Walter,

    I am in the process of remodeling and older slaughter house and was wondering what you used to cover your concrete walls for usda inspection purposes and how many hogs do you process each week?

    • I use a combination of one coat of polyurethane to seal the ground concrete and then up to seven coats of polyurea to build up thick, tough sanitary layer. I’m very pleased with it. Practice with it before you do anything big. There is a science to the application. Surface preparation, humidity, technique and speed are all very important to get good results.

  3. Kyle Jaster says:

    Do you have any more pictures of your pig loading setup that could be published here?

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