Baseball Pigs

Baseball from South Field Ark

Ben found this baseball out in the south field Ark in the bedding pack. Apparently our pigs have taken up winter practice for the coming ball season. Think of the Ark as Florida North.

It is also possible that this ball got baled up in the hay when it was cut and wrapped last summer down in Thetford, Vermont. Over the years we have found a variety of interesting objects inside hay bales from knives to tent posts to rubber balls. Apparently the fields where our hay comes from may be near a school and often used for catering events and other things.

Outdoors: 60°F/35°F Sunny, 1/2″ Rain at night
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Daily Spark: When I was younger I had more time than money so I darned my socks. Now socks are cheap and I’ve got more money than time so I burn the bad ones as tinder – that will teach them to get holes! I don’t have the time to waste fixing inconsequential things when I can just cull. This also works well for genetics.

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2 Responses to Baseball Pigs

  1. Nancy Hofmeister says:

    I love found items. This past three weeks walking the local bike path, we found a pair of needle nose pliers, a pipe wrench and a brand-new 8.5″ concrete drill bit. This trail is along a lake. I think the fishermen must get wrapped up in the fishing and careless with their possessions.

  2. karl says:

    Porcine minor league

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