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Apparently my blog recently passed the five million mark, without my noticing. I just saw that the visitor count at the bottom of the page is now to 5,167,551 with 8,282,252 web pages served. Makes me feel like MacDonald’s…

There are currently 2,410 articles plus 40 static pages published on my blog with a queue of 2,102 more articles that I have written but not yet released into the wild. I prefer not to publish more than one article a day so the backlog continues to grow – I write for my pleasure and relaxation more than anything else and there are only so many days in the year.

Visitors come from all around the world – One Month of Dots

Comments are up to 19,701. If you look in the lower section of the right side bar you can see who are the most frequent commenters. The top ten currently belong to:

Farmerbob1: 317
pablo: 289
Nance: 284
David Lloyd Sutton: 196
karl: 181
Donna OShaughnessy: 176
Mellifera: 143
Peter: 119
PV: 112
Susan Lea: 105

Long ago Farmerbob1 said he had a goal of eventually becoming a top commenter and he has indeed achieved that rarified rank. I wonder who will leave that 20,000th comment? Seems like we should have a prize…

That count of comments does not include the millions of spam comments which are filter out by the WordPress plugin Akismet. Yours truly catches the few that get through the robo-secretary. I greatly appreciate not having to deal with 99.86% of the spam so kudos to the team at Akismet.

Another interesting statistic is my blog has passed the million word mark with 1,047,965 total words in the the articles I’ve written. This does not include what is in comments and answers. That is the equivelant of over 2,000 pages if it were in a typical bound book without all the photos which makes my blog with just text without comments be the equivelant of eight volumes of text so far. With material from answers I have given in comments and photos plus formatting I would estimate that is about 20 volumes of information. I’ve been approached by three publishers so far who want to turn it into books but that is not a happening thing, yet, as I’ve been busy farming, building, butchering and other things. Maybe someday.

Those are pretty amazing numbers for a personal blog. They’ve crept up slowly and cumulatively over the past almost eleven years of writing about our experiences here at Sugar Mountain Farm in Vermont.

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13 Responses to Over 5,000,000 Blog Visits

  1. Bob says:

    Congratulations, Walter! That is an astonishing number but, quite frankly, I am not surprised. This is my favourite site, bar none. It is good to see that so many people find your posts informative, interesting, entertaining etc.

  2. It’s all because what you do is truly fantastic and every bit of info and experience has help someone, somewhere, somehow :)

    I absolutely love coming to your blog and I was so happy that I was able to get the email notification working (within the last month or so).

    I think I have read about half of the posts in a few weeks. I just couldn’t get enough of all this unknown world to me. I don’t have any pigs, but house is up for sale because I want more land so I can grow a couple of pigs – trial and error – than make it bigger and bigger.

    Thank you for all you do and excited to see there will be posts coming on the pipe until the end of time!! :)

    Have a great one!

  3. Jake says:

    Congrats. Those are impressive numbers. I know I point everyone who asks pig questions to here

  4. David says:

    Congrats on 5 mil! I hope you’ll be able to publish even more articles now that the butcher shop is up and running

  5. eggyknap says:

    There’s a pig living behind our house that I’ve been meaning to fit in the freezer for several weeks, now. But instead of taking care of that today, perhaps I’ll just make a blog comment on the off chance of being number 20,000… :)

  6. MaryP says:

    That is an awesome number, but I am not surprised. You are my favorite blog to follow, even though I am retired and live in the city. I grew up on a farm and several of my children have tried the farming life, although only my son and his family has stayed with it. I really love the fact that you are so real and ready to share your knowledge – you have replied to several questions my kids have asked. Your kids are awesome in everything they have learned to do, and know it is because you have led the way.

  7. Glenn Warren says:

    One of my favorite blogs, and an enviable American family.
    Where will you all be at 10,000,000? Have a safe and wonderful journey getting there.

  8. Congrats on 5 mill and also congrats on writing every day – I do this also about my little farm and it does become a rhythm we follow without even thinking. And we all truly appreciate your writing too! Sage and Silly alike! Wonderful. Have a great day.. c

  9. Peter says:

    I’m tempted to leave 290 or so comments (a) to help you get to 20,000 and (b) so I can usurp farmerbob1 at the top, but I won’t because (c) I don’t have that much time and (d) farmerbob1 has more constructive comments than me. ;-)

  10. Petra says:

    Yeeowsa!!!! Walt i am so impressed with all the things you do. That is a amazing number of words but really entir books and readers! You do it as you seem to do every thing with a steady slow methodacal pace running the long race. Bravo! Again!

  11. JayHekau says:

    Awesome Walter! Great post to read about your stats and how long it has taken! Impressive!

  12. Farmerbob1 says:

    Some impressive numbers there, Walter!

    I don’t remember ever setting a goal to be the most prolific writer of comments here, but it’s possible that I might not be remembering it. I tend to like to interact with interesting things, and there are a lot of interesting things here. That’s enough for me!

  13. Fred Harrington says:

    You said it yourself. That’s pretty amazing numbers for a personal blog.

    Eleven years of hard constant work gets your there I suppose!

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