Snowy April Morning

Dusting of Snow

While it has been a low snow year and warmer than usual we are still getting a light dusting of snow almost every morning. It is only about half and inch to two inches, just enough to leave the world looking pristine and white, covering up the mud season for a few hours.

By noon it is almost completely gone except for bits in the shadows and north faces of the mountain. I have spotted the first flower of the year, a yellow coltsfoot as always, and my many day lilies have started to sprout from the still frosty ground.

Spring comes a little later here on the mountain but I’m ever hopeful as I get seedlings ready for my summer gardens. By afternoon the morning’s frozen dirt is temptingly soft to push around with your nose, if you’re a pig.

The temperature below for the cottage is my bedroom, not the central room which is a bit warmer as that is where the masonry woodstove is located that soaks it’s energy into the structure of the building. In the main room it is 65°F down by the floor and 79°F up near the ceiling. It’s nice to have the sleeping area a little cooler to snuggle under the covers.

Outdoors: 18°F/52°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 58°F/62°F

Daily Spark: Observe the common garden rake – a robotic humor enhancement device of the second degree that requires only minimal foot operation from the participant and is best when observed at a distance.

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6 Responses to Snowy April Morning

  1. ant says:

    a question.

    Would it be worth your time and effort to collect sap from Maple trees, and use it to sweeten your whey for an added calorie boost for your pigs at this time of year?

    • Probably, especially if boiled to make maple syrup using solar power – the low grade D syrup is used for livestock feed among other things. We had about 10,000 maple trees in our maple sugar bush on Sugar Mountain but we lost about 150 acres of trees in the ice storm of 1998. We have not sugared since then. We’ve been working on cleaning up from the storm, regrowing the trees, etc. It takes time but someday we may sugar again.

  2. ant says:

    what about the keeping of bees?

    Honey is something that could be collected over the warmer months, then feed to the pigs in the cold depths of winter.

    You guys ever mess around with bee hives?

    • I kept bees for 25 years but none right now. I have neighbors about a mile away that do on either side and I see their bees in our fields. We have a lot of different pollinators thriving in our valley.

  3. Tim says:

    Third paragraph, last 4 words “if your a pig” should be “if you’re a pig”

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