Porchetta Packaged

Ben with Porchetta

Now that our butcher shop is up and running we have been filling the CSA Pre-Buy and Kickstarter orders which helped in part to buy the concrete and other materials to build our facility. One of the advantages of doing our own on-farm butchery is that we are able to do special requests like this porchetta.

Packing Porchetta

Initially I had made the porchetta be the entire length of the loin and belly but that turned out to be larger than our vacuum packer can accommodate, by far. Porcetta is something that I have never made, and had never cut until this time. Because of the way that I debone the entire side of the pig and then slice cuts it is a natural and easy outcome. The meat inspector we had that day told me that he often makes this dish for events like weddings and that it’s very delicious. Some time I’ll have to try it in our kitchen.

We’ve been doing deliveries of our kickstarter packages and CSA Pre-Buys for a few months now to people in Vermont who supported our project with their pre-buys and kickstarting as well as pickups here at the farm for people in near by states who’ve come up for the, somewhat weather limited, skiing this winter. Right now we’re still in our initial validation period. The Vermont agency of inspection is a little back logged with validation evaluations so they say it is going to be more than the usual 90 days. I hope they’ll be able to catch up and do us by mid-spring so that we can then apply for our USDA inspection which will allow us to ship inter-state.

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Daily Spark: In other news, today scientists at the Miniplank Institute successfully unscrambled an egg.

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3 Responses to Porchetta Packaged

  1. Peter says:

    Like your notation about the inspector and his comments. IMHO these guys really work hard and I think your previous postings relating your experience with them and what feedback they have given to you on your project, puts the light in the proper place — i.e., they would much prefer to help they companies they are inspecting to stay in the “all clear.”

    Food safety is not something to screw with.

    Frankly I think that if these guys on the front lines were the ones actually in the C-suites in the agencies and companies subject to the inspections, we’d probably be in a better place with this sort of thing.

  2. Melissa says:

    I’ve been AWOL due to a change in schedule so a late congrats on the now open and running butcher shop!!!!!! Fingers crossed you can get the inspection before the 90 days!!! Fingers crossed.

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