Skin & Bones – Eating the Rest of the Pig

Skin & Bones – The Rest of the Pig

There is more to the pig than just the classic cuts of pork chops, hams, bacon and ribs. There are also good eating in the oddments such as skin which can be used to make chicharones, puffed pork rinds, crackling and for covering roasts making them self basting.

Trotters, Head & Pork Skin In Situ

We get requests for skin, back fat and such both from individuals and through the store managers but these things don’t tend to be carried on the shelves as they’re oddments, less common cuts with which American consumers are not as familiar. This is a bit of a catch-22 since if the product isn’t on shelves then buyers don’t know about it so they don’t shop for it so store managers don’t carry it.

Now that we have our own on-farm butcher shop I’m able to do some special cutting to break through this cycle. This week I sampled some oddments to stores for your culinary pleasure:

  • Trotters – excellent for thickening stews; Recipes
  • Skin – for making chicharones, puffed pork rinds, crackling and for covering roasts making them self basting; Recipes
  • Bones – cut to expose the marrow for making nourishing, wholesome stews and soups. Recipes

These are all inexpensive items that you can find at the following stores here in Vermont:

    Burlington City Market / Onion River Coop
    Hardwick Buffalo Mountain Coop
    Montpelier Hunger Mountain Coop
    Plainfield Plainfield Coop
    Shelburne Shelburne Market

    Of course, they also carry our delicious pork chops, roasts, belly, bacon, sausage, sirloin and other top cuts of pastured pork from Sugar Mountain Farm!

    Time to do some warm, nourishing, comfort cooking in these chilling winter months…!

    If you’re incline to dine out then check out these restaurants which also feature our pork every day here in central Vermont:

    Stowe The Bench
    Waterbury Reservoir Restaurant

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5 Responses to Skin & Bones – Eating the Rest of the Pig

  1. Zoie says:

    Any place to pick up leaf lard?

  2. This really brought back memories of growing up on the farm. Thanks for the memories and your advise on all topics. Love your blog!

  3. Sue Lau says:

    We’d tried barbecued snoot and now want to try making some trotters.

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