Christmas Cactus Angel

Christmas Cactus Flower (Schlumbergera)

“Schlumbergera is a small genus of cacti with six species found in the coastal mountains of south-eastern Brazil. Plants grow on trees or rocks in habitats that are generally shady with high humidity.”

I have mine growing in a niche in the wall above our kitchen sink and in the planter between the toilet and bathtub & shower in our bathroom with westerly exposure. They seem to do quite well, gracing us with their beautiful magenta blooms each December right on time for Christmas. They remind me of angels.

Outdoors: 64°F/34°F Partially Sunny, Light Rain
Tiny Cottage: 69°F/57°F

Daily Spark: Scotch tape… I wonder if they have brandy flavored?

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  1. Nance says:

    that is awesome! My bathroom has nary a window but if it did, I would have my high humidity plants in there. I have a Christmas cactus that blooms this color. It does bloom each year but not profusely. I got a slip from my sister prior to 1990 and it has stayed with me these 25 years. I should pass some starts on to my children.

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