Snug as a Piglet in Hay

Piglets Snuggling in Hay

We’ve had a wonderfully warm December allowing us to get more outdoor projects done before the real winter weather hits. The pigs are loving it as they’re still able to graze out on green pastures. The warm weather does mean a longer fall mud season but the Ark, other open sheds and deep bedding packs of hay take care of that.

Outdoors: 49°F/34°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 63°F/57°F

Daily Spark: Everyone is odd – It takes a couple to get even.

3 thoughts on “Snug as a Piglet in Hay

  1. We recently bought our first two pigs. It would be neat if we could have them grazing, but western US deserts in December aren’t known for such things, so they’re corralled and eating mostly barley and scraps from a local cheese processing plant. I’m thankful for your frequent mentions of pigs and hay or straw bedding, because the straw bales we just happened to have on hand have proven perfect for our new porkers. Unintentional alliteration there…

    • That photo was actually in the south field shed rather than the Ark. The south field shed is a predecessor to the ark. It’s built as a ring around a court yard with open bays to the south east to catch the morning sun and it’s back built into the hillside. This winter it is the sleeping area for smaller pigs as they like to walk a shorter distance and will go under the creeps to the bays making for an automatic sorting system based on size. See this article: Auto Pig Sorter.

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