Pleasing the Weather Gods

Promises of Warm Weather

Fall is a time we spend getting ready for winter. Well, actually, here in the north country we spend all summer and fall getting ready for winter but in the fall it becomes an intense race against time as iron hard earth and deep snows threaten from the western skies.

Earlier this fall I had made sacrifices to the weather gods imploring to not have real snow until December 1st. They honored my prayers with an unusually long warm fall for which I am immensely greatful. We have had several snows of half an inch to three inches so far but nothing that has stuck and lasted more than a couple of days. The ground is still soft giving us an unusually extended period to do earth work like water lines and fence posts. This is like the year we built our cottage – That required an extensive sacrifice too.

Yet by December 1st I wasn’t ready so I made a new prayer and a new sacrifice. Traditionally one sacrifices virgins to the weather gods, volcanos and such for maximum effect. However, asking for warm weather in the mountains of northern Vermont deep into the middle of December calls for something extraordinary: honest politicians. As you can imagine, they’re rarer than unicorns.

So, I was very happy when I looked at the AccuWeather prediction and saw warm weather out to December 18th! The weather gods were indeed pleased with my offerings!

There is one little problem. The nights are freezing. But, thinking back I realized I only asked for warm days – they’re about 16 degrees warmer than normal. One must be very exacting with prayers as little things like warm days and cold nights can trip you up. The details are in the fine print. Still, I will appreciate what I got and not quibble lest I lose what I was given.

So, when you go to the polls and must pick the lesser of two devils you can blame me, for using up the last of the honest politicians to gain precious days of warm weather when we should have a foot or more of snow on the ground…

Outdoors: 44°F/23°F Partially Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 56°F/63°F

Daily Spark: If consciousness is the manifestation of humanity then is unconsciousness is Godly.

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5 Responses to Pleasing the Weather Gods

  1. Farmerbob1 says:


    Whatever it was that you sacrificed certainly wasn’t an honest politician. They are rarer than hen’s teeth. It must have been a dishonest politician that was so good at lying that they were able to fool everyone! This would have generated the warmth due to karmic rebalancing, as opposed to some sort of sacrificial payment.

    *grin* I imagine your family is very happy with the opportunity to work on some projects, but at the same time, is there any concern that your bedding pack might be composting faster, or your stored hay might be degrading more quickly than normal due to the longer warm season?

  2. aminthepm says:

    If you’re very lucky maybe even Christmas or end of year without major snowfall ?

  3. Dawn Carroll says:

    So what about Bernie Sanders? Since he is one of Vermont’s senator you have got to be the person to ask about what good or bad he has done for the state of Vermont…

    • I don’t approve of everything about Bernie but I do vote for him every election. He is good but not perfect. He is better than any of the other presidential candidates of any party and certainly far, far better than all of the candidates of his own party. He is probably the closest we’ll get to an honest politician. Good thing I didn’t have to use him for this warming spell.

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