Particle Accelerator Installed

Girl Genius with New Cottage Space Drive

I took this photo from way down in the ground level of the cottage looking up at Hope after she had just finished installing the neutrino particle accelerator in the loft of our tiny cottage. This is a major upgrade to our old wood fired rocket engines in preparation for our next trip through outer space. The savings in mass alone of not having to haul along all that cord wood should significantly improve our speed. If I’ve got my calculations right we’ll leave tonight at 23:07 precisely and arrive back tomorrow before noon due to the warping of the space time continuum.

You’re probably wondering where we got a super conducting super collider sufficiently powerful enough to bend the path of neutrinos into a circle so that they could warp the very fabric of space time allowing us to slip through the wormhole to Sirius in Canis Major and still be back in time for tea. Yes, I knew that was just what you were wondering.

That ultra dense black tubing shaped into the special space bending spiral is left over material from when we laid the 2,500′ long pipe from the sap house spring. It turns out that 2″ PEX black pipe, duct tape and a little WD-40 can fix even an advanced space ship engine like ours while giving it a little hyper boost. Due to the cross linked poly structure it will bend the path of vanilla flavored leptons, of which neutrinos are one variety. Due to their minuscule mass they are able to make the tight turns we need for the nano-scale particle accelerator. An essential ingredient in any homeschool science project.

That wasn’t what we told NASA when we filed our flight plan, of course. They think we’re just warming a cold, stiff plastic pipe up near the ceiling of the cottage so it will be flexible enough to straighten out and then re-chill to it’s new configuration that Ben is installing where it will transport heavy water underground from one spring fed watering trough to another in the south field for our pigs. Little did they know…

So, tonight, look up in the sky at a little after 11 pm and watch for a scarlet colored streak – that will be us as we head off to go where no pig farmer has gone before!

Outdoors: 56°F/34°F Overcast
Tiny Cottage: 63°F/57°F

Daily Spark: On land we have lots of space to waste. Houses are big with huge floor plans. On ships we have tight quarters where every nook and cranny is put to use, often to double or triple uses. Everything in its place and a place for everything. It is ironic that in space we have so little space.

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  1. aminthepm says:

    No pigs on board ? There was an episode on the Muppet Show titled ” Pigs in Space “.

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