Lost Balloons

Little Lost Balloons in a Tree in the Thousand Acre Woods

Did you ever wonder where balloons go to die? You’re at the fair or a party. A balloon is lost from a young child’s grip. It sails upward and away on the breeze. Up, up and away!

I always envisioned them going up until they were floating at the top level of the atmosphere they could reach until they popped from the pressure inside. But apparently some hit that sweet spot where they fly for a while and then come down again like these balloons that I found in a tree in our woods.

Maybe they came from the Halloween festival in Montpelier last month.

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Daily Spark: The alien hid its space ship in plain sight, blending into the crowds chameleon like.

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4 Responses to Lost Balloons

  1. Darren says:

    I really really dislike it when people release balloons. When they come down, they become garbage in my fields.

    • Aye. The ones I saw released in Montpelier were all accidental and sometimes accompanied by sad sighs and cries of disappointment by young children. Unfortunately it happens. Fortunately they were not doing the mass purposeful releases.

  2. wackyinternetcommentguy says:

    It’s kind of a waste to even use the helium for balloons. The strategic helium reserve is running out! The only acceptable time to inflate a balloon with helium is to make high pitched funny voices. If you can master fusion energy you could save us from the impending helium glut.

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