Roasters Available for 2015 Fall

Oven Roasters are in the Freezer and Ready for You!
Photo courtesy of Sariann Lehrer of Inn at the Crossroads

We have one medium sized roaster at 78 lbs in the freezer. Thawing is available so you can pickup it up unfrozen. With three weeks notice we can do other sizes such as oven roasters small enough to fit in a typical home oven, much like cooking a ham or turkey. There is just enough time to order them for Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years dinner.

The roasters cost $210 each in the 11 to 30 lb range. These can be picked up at the farm, you can get delivery along our weekly route in Vermont or we can ship them FedEx 2nd Day which typically runs about $80 to $120 depending on the shipping destination.

For details see the Roaster Page. To order contact me by email at and let me know your zip code if you would like shipping.

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