TV Short About Sugar Mountain Farm Butcher Shop Opening

Sugar Mountain Farm on TV

October 30th 2015 – Judy Simpson with cameraman Lance of WCAX-TV reported on the opening of our new butcher shop West Topsham Farm Builds New Facility to Process Locally Raised Pork. Here’s your chance to get a little video tour of our new on-farm butcher shop and see some pigs in the fields!

This week we did our sixth week of cutting meat here at our farm in our new butcher shop. The last three of those weeks were under Vermont state inspection while the first three were custom exempt. There are many different levels. After 90 days we will have completed our verification and validation process. At that point I’ll be applying for the next level up: USDA Inspection.

This week we had a new inspector, Kelly, filling in for our usual inspector Eric. There had been a wind storm Wednesday night that had brought down trees and damaged Eric’s car so he was marooned in the mountains of Vermont. After the wind storm is the time I like to go out and cut deadwood, trees that have died standing, are ultra dry and make great firewood without having to cut living trees. The fierce winds shake out the loose limbs so they are less likely to fall on me while I cut down the tree.

But back to inspector Kelly… Like everyone who has seen our butcher shop he was very impressed. We get comments about how everything is designed to be easy to clean and sanitary as well as the finishing touches like the stencils on the walls, all the stainless steel work Will did, the granite sills Ben carved and the brick arches I did over the doors and windows that add a homey old world touch. Looking over our HACCP Plan Kelly remarked that other places he inspects don’t do half what we do – he was very impressed. He said that we “go above and beyond” the requirements. We like to hear that. This is part of why we’re doing our slow startup, to get things right, so we can learn from small mistakes and fix them before we go into full production mode.

We have already started shipping some of the the CSA Pre-Buys and Kickstarter Pre-Orders. I’m contacting people to schedule their orders over the coming months. If you’re one of those roughly 500 people who helped us finance the butcher shop with your pre-buys then watch your email for a missive in the month of November!

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3 Responses to TV Short About Sugar Mountain Farm Butcher Shop Opening

  1. Comments from the ether:

    Jennifer Durning So happy for you & your family!! Awesome job!!

    John Kelly Moreland Nice

    Erica Jean Congratulations Walter Jeffries!

    Christina Sedlmaier Yay! That’s great, congrats!

    Aaron Zink Nice job Walter.

    Rhonda Mower Very cool that I “know” a celebrity smile emoticon

    Nancy Jenner Awesome! Congrats!!!!

    Joani Moeller Awesome, How cool is that.

    Stephanie Stottlemyer Kauffman Very nice spot.

    Jack Rupp Hard work pays off!

    Liz Passe That’s great!!

    Lisa Pownall Excellent!

    Susanne Mitchell Brilliant coverage Walter! Shows that building up slowly is one of your great strengths! Good luck with the next stage.

    Jack Kimmich Excellent

    Jack Kimmich In California it would never fly—- too much red tape and craziness.

    Gina White Outstanding!

    Karl O’Melay Awesome, wonderful and exciting.

    Merry Schepers Well done, Walter!

    Susan S Spaulding Congratulations on the channel 3 article

    Miles Flansburg Looking good Walter ! Congrats !

    Jeanne F. Arnold · Works at Sheldon Family Association – Congratulations on the progress, you have worked hard for this.

    Eddie Anders This is a very nice, hardworking family and I wish them the best. They have been working at this for a long time and they deserve great success. Good on ya Walt, Holly, Will, Ben and Hope!!

    Amy Lorraine Good for them! I hope everything goes well. It’s great to see small family farms making such smart business decisions.

    Dave Hill Congrats Walter and family. It’s nice to take control of every step and this is obviously very well planned and executed.

    Courtney See Walter! Awesome seeing you instead of just reading your words. Very nice, btw! Congrats

    Merry Schepers Well done, Walter!

    Greener Pasture Farm Way to go. Only thing I have read your posts and commented back and forth with you for about a year now. I assure you that is not what you look like. Your older, have grey hair, and a full beard. You must have had an actor stand in for you!!

    Beth Bonner Burnett Very Impressive, Walter! I love seeing dreams come true! Thank you for sharing your adventures and experiences. You have my utmost respect.

    Anita Evans from Australia – Lovely footage! It’s so wonderful to hear the universal cry of “here pig pig pig! ” facility looking very slick, swell done the Jeffries family!

    Miles Flansburg – Looking good Walter ! Congrats !

    Peter Ellis – That was great. Congratulations on bringing it on line, that’s a huge project comng o fruition.

    nobrabbit – Congratulations, that is a great article!

    Riverdale – Excellent!

    njenner – Great coverage! Congrats!

  2. Farmerbob1 says:

    That was an excellent news article, Walter! Glad to see you getting attention!

  3. Mike says:

    This was a really fun video to watch! And it sounds that you already
    need a press secretary to handle the phone traffic! The very best of
    luck to your family’s future successes. Seeing you folks in real-time
    action was great but your pigs are photogenic too (“oink-oink-oink”).
    Thank you for your website.


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