Hot Pepper Beer

Hot Pepper Hops

We get a little bit of spent barley from a local brew pub. It makes a nice supplement to pasture and they are right on our delivery route so it is efficient to pick it up making it worth the time. Generally they make some fairly standard types of beer but every once in a while we see a surprise like chocolate beer or this example of hot peppers in the hops.

The spent barley is ultra-low in calories since the brewer has cooked and drained off all the sugars to feed the yeasty beasties who make the alcohol in the beer. It does have some protein, minerals and a lot of fiber. The protein is what makes it of interest to the pigs as that complements what they are getting on pasture.

Our pig’s diet consists of 80% or more pasture, up to 7% dairy mostly in the form of whey, a couple of percentages of the spent barley (I would love to get more) and seasonally a lot of apples, pears, pumpkins, sunflowers, sunchokes, turnips, beets and such that we grow in our summer gardens which are winter paddocks for the pigs. To read more about what our pigs eat see the Pig Page.

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7 Responses to Hot Pepper Beer

  1. Chad says:

    Just spent a couple days in Vermont for work, maybe I’ve tried some of this brewery’s beers as I’ve been sampling several! :)

  2. David B says:

    I didn’t know you feed the hops to the pigs too, that’s cool.

    You probably know this already, but hops can be poisonous to some dogs (causes them to go into malignant hyperthermia. I think some people go a little nuts – won’t plant hops if they have dogs – but it is good to know about. I grow hops but I do make sure to not let the dogs eat the hops after they’ve been boiled and are covered with sticky sweet wort… which I think they would eat.

    • Interesting. Our dogs have no interest in the hops, nor the barley for that matter. They say it is “Not Meat”. Agreed. Given that they have plenty of mice, snakes and pork available the hops and barley simply aren’t appealing is my guess. Good to know that, thanks!

      • David B says:

        Your dogs are definitely more knowledgeable/world-wise than my couple of house dogs, so it makes sense that they would not eat the barley or hops (good!). I hope to spend more time training my pups someday as I know they have more potential than I have time to bring out. Our coonhound has eaten a fair bit of spent grain barley at times and paid the gastrointestinal consequences a day or so later.

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