Speaker for the Dogs

Katya Focused

So I’m working in the evening and I hear Katya say something out in the main room. I didn’t quite catch it so I call out “Katya, come to me.” She pokes her head in under the curtain to my office and gives me a look. I ask, “What do you want?” She signs “Come-Come” to me.

I followed her and found that all the dogs are gathered in the kitchen. They give me looks but none of them said what’s up. Katya went to the water dish, points at it and signed “Water”. Ah-ha. This is what the fuss is all about – the water dish is empty.

I filled the dish and another with water. There is great rejoicing and wagging of tails. Several of the dogs sign “Yes!” The thumbkin, that’s me, had understood and done his job. Katya signs “Thank you” and I returned to my office. The problem with teaching dogs to talk is that they will. Very handy.

While all of them are receptive and all sign back to one degree or another, some even using spoken English words, it is Katya who is most likely to broach a subject. Katya is Speaker for the Dogs.

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3 Responses to Speaker for the Dogs

  1. Daniella says:

    Your dogs are so amazing and you are so wonderfully intune to them!!!!!! I have to thank you for all your articles on dog communications becuase it has let me start to communicate with my dog Lady and it has made such a difference in our life! She now gives yes and nos to things. Its like night and day from how we used to be. Part of it is that I have learned from you how to listen to her and to understand that she is trying to communicate. Thank you thank you thankyou!

  2. Josh says:

    As has been mentioned before, I would love if you would record a few brief videos of your dogs’ sign language and how you trained them to communicate. I believe you, but unfortunately, I think the response of most readers is “I won’t believe it until you show me”.

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