Seven Days Opening Butcher Shop

Article in Seven Days Newspaper

Hannah Palmer Egan wrote a great article in the Seven Days Newspaper about our new on-farm butcher shop. Last week she had emailed me asking if she could come over on short notice the next day to do a story as a spot had opened up in her schedule. It was a pleasant surprise and I said sure but that I didn’t know when we would be getting our actual license.

As it turned out her article appeared in the web and print versions of Seven Days to coincide with when our license was issued. What fun!

So head on over to Seven Days Newspaper to read Hannah’s interview and perspective on our Big Project.

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4 Responses to Seven Days Opening Butcher Shop

  1. Farmerbob1 says:

    Glad to see you getting some more media attention, Walter!

    That was a pretty solid article.

  2. Karen C. says:

    What a great article! I have two questions. The State inspector is to make sure you consistently meet standards for cutting only? Meaning you will still haul your hogs to Mass? And once that is done the Federal inspector will be there for the actual butchering process? Why would it take three years for that (other than it being the government)? Okay, that was three questions. :-)

    I am constantly learning from your blog; thank you so much for sharing your experiences with everyone. Last year we got a young pair so we can raise our own pork for us and our families, and sell some to offset some costs; they are all grown up now and we are raising our first litter of 7. They are so much fun! I traded a gilt with a lady I know so I can have two sows and keep my boar (I love him!). Boris is Large Black, Cougar is Large Black/Mulefoot with cloven hooves(she got her name because she is 2 months older than Boris) and Natasha the new gilt is Ossabaw/Mulefoot cross with the mule feet.

    I am excited to read the progress of the butcher shop!

    Karen C.

    • We do things in small steps. We are starting with Vermont State inspection which will be for the meat cutting and sausage making. Then once we have that validated (90 days) I’ll then start the process of applying for USDA (federal) inspection.

      The three year delay to do slaughter is that the savings from taking on the butchering will then let us finish off the next sections of the butcher shop. First we’ll do the walk in coolers, brine room and cave. Then the final cutting room. Later we’ll finish off the lairage, kill floor (abattoir) and carcass chiller. Ironically, we save the most money by doing the meat cutting (butchering) but it is the build out of the abattoir and related rooms that will cost the most money while saving us the least money. However taking on slaughter will reduce Holly’s driving. It’s a step-by-step process. By the time we get there we’ll be ready.

  3. Peter says:

    Great article. I didn’t realize your acreage was that big.

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