City Market Festival

Will and Hope at Sugar Mountain Farm Booth

We gave out samples of our pastured pork during the City Market / Onion River Coop harvest festival in Burlington, Vermont. The overwhelming reaction was:

“Oh, my, god that is sooo good!”
“Holy cow, I mean pig! That is sooooo good!”

Some people’s eyes just widened in delight at the flavor and tenderness. This is the moment when I would hand them one of our brochures – the point of peak receptiveness.

People came over saying, “Oh, we were told to come over here. You guys have the delicious pork!” We heard people talking appreciatively about our pork while she was circulating to other booths.

It was wonderful getting all those great reactions. Realize that most of us in our family spend almost all our time up on the mountain isolated from this sort of feedback. While we are out making deliveries each week to stores, restaurants and individuals on our route but even then we are somewhat insulated from the customer reactions. Here we got to see the live reaction to our hard work. It was great.

Will and Hope did all the cooking in shifts throughout the afternoon. We did over 18 pounds of Boston Butt, my favorite cut of pork, to hand out as samples. That’s about 720 samples to a crowd that the organizers estimate at about 1,000 people. Some people came back for seconds, thirds and fourths but I would still estimate it about 700 served. A very good day for reaching out and showing off our wares.

It was cooked very simply, one inch cubes with a dash of salt and pepper. We kept it simple so that people could both see how easy it was to do, right before their eyes, and so the flavor of our pastured pork could be the highlight, not added spices. As many people told us, our pork tastes nothing like the commodity pork and they could taste the flavors of the pasture come through in a most delightful way.

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8 Responses to City Market Festival

  1. Nance says:

    well, you have whetted my appetite! it was a successful day.

    • Actually, it was extremely successful. We were merely anticipating that this was a promotion for City Market to get more of their customers familiar with our product by sampling. On top of giving samples to about 700 very appreciative people we also got an enormous order for Boston Butt and Picnic Shoulder roasts for a special event by a chef who was in the crowd. Over the years we’ve found that samples sell very well. We let the meat do the talking.

  2. Daniella says:

    Oooooooooooo……. I know that sound……..! Orgasmic pork…………….

  3. aminthepm says:

    Keep the sample easy so people taste what pork is instead of overwhelmed by spices, sauces,etc.

  4. Tim says:

    I have finally caught up to current events. It has been enjoyable and informative reading about the progress of the farm (and condensing 7+ years of activity to less than a year). Congratulations on the encouraging feedback.

    “Some people came back for sends, thirds,…” should be “seconds, thirds,…”

  5. Chad says:

    In just the past year we’ve started buying pastured pork and it is awesome! Can’t wait until our own backyard pigs are ready for butcher in a few months!

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