Foot Soak

Hot Tubbing Rooster

I’ve mentioned before that we like to hot tub our livestock as an alternative to medications.[1,2] Hot water is very curative. This works on the same principle as a fever but is localized to the infection site. This way we can avoid using antibiotics and still kill the bacteria.

In this case Ben used a 35 gallon barrel. It is big enough for the rooster to stand comfortably but small enough that the rooster can’t flap it’s wings and jump or fly out. The rooster seems quite content with the setup.

This technique will work on a closed wound because it transmits heat deeply. There was a piglet with a swollen hock join that we recently cured this way.

In the roosters case it was an open wound, perhaps from cock fighting out in the field with another rooster. They have huge spurs which are an asset for protecting their hens from predators but once in a while the roosters will use their weaponry on each other during territorial disputes and get a direct strike.

The hot water goes in at about 110°F and we add a tablespoon of iodine to a gallon. The same of bleach would also work as an alternative if that is what you have on hand. If you don’t have either, add salt to the chicken soup – That works too. Note, this is for sanitizing the wound and skin so this is stronger than you would use to make drinkable water – Don’t confuse this with survival skills.

All of these help to kill bacteria without having to resort to the antibiotics that are of concern because they might create MSRA.

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5 Responses to Foot Soak

  1. Nance says:

    I stepped on an old nail has a child and when my mother saw the red streak running up my leg, she soaked my foot in HOT water every day until the red streak receded. She probably added some Epsom Salts too, remembering her home remedies. I know how that rooster is feeling in his bath. ahhhhh …….

  2. Nicola says:

    I love the simplicity of this!

  3. Farmerbob1 says:

    You know, Walter, I wonder if anyone in the medical community has considered combining modern medicine with applied heat home remedy. Imagine an IV that draws blood out of the body, heats it to 104 degrees F for a short while, and then cools it back to 98.6 and sends it back into the body. A lot like dialysis, except you are just heating the blood, not taking toxins out of it.

    It wouldn’t get all the bacteria, but it would kill off almost everything flowing through the bloodstream, reducing the whole-body infection load. It probably wouldn’t be of much interest, except in autoimmune disease cases or people infected with superbugs that that are resistant to antibiotics.

    And, now, I’m off to Google to see if something like this has been tried.

  4. Jen says:

    Does this only work for foot or leg injuries? Or does it have the same benefits for any infection in the body regardless of location?

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