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Tusk Hooked

Montpelier Building by Bridge No photo of today’s topic because when a 1,000 lb boar has his tusk stuck on the fence you don’t lollygag around with a camera.

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Inspector’s Desktop Postcards In Flight

Temporary Arrangement of Postcards, Coins, Stamps, Photos & Drawings Click for Big Picture Back in July I requested Postcards for the Inspector’s Desktop. The response has been great from people around the world. Our current greatest distance for postcards travelled … Continue reading

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Pasture Post Pig Grazing

Pasture Pictured Post Pigs There is the idea that pigs will destroy pasture. This is wrong provided they are properly managed with rotational grazing. Rotational grazing mimics the natural movement of animals over migratory routes and optimizes forage regrowth while … Continue reading

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Roasters August 2015

Pig Roast by Chef Giezendanner We have some roaster pigs in the freezer that are available for immediate events and more in the field. Roasters can vary from the intimate ~10 pounders for a few friends to larger spit roasters … Continue reading

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