Vote for Omnivores

Any trumped up nut case can
promise a carrot or chicken in every pot.

Support Diversity,
Vote for Omnivores.

It’s the season of political agendas. Time to vote with your wallet as well as your your pencil.

The one big benefit I see of the political landscape is it has the 1% pumping money into the economy to benefit the rest of us. They spend an amazing amount of money to win a job that will never pay a positive return on investment – at least not legally. This suggests that we shouldn’t be paying them a salary but rather charging them a fee to allow them hold public office.

This is probably the last political message you’ll see here for the season.

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Daily Spark: One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. -Plato

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8 Responses to Vote for Omnivores

  1. traye says:

    I can assure you that Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan expect a return on investment.

  2. Farmerbob1 says:

    I love the spark, Walter.

  3. “last political message you’ll see here for the season”.

    I guess TTIP and Bayer and Syngenta sueng EU for the (only) 2 year EU ban on neonicotinoids …will rattle our chain. I don’t think we can stay relaxed for very long, we’re not there yet.

    at 1% or below, you have to explain what you do,
    at 2% or below, you finally meet like minded
    at 3% they start to ridicule you, (they don’t want to invest in a fight with you, yet!)
    at 5% they throw government, the law, the police at you, and bribe as much as they can,
    at 10% the silent minority finally understands, and they lose.

    Where at 3% at best.

  4. earlier, where I said minority, I meant majority.

    Still no organics shop in my town (Hoogeveen, NL, 40000 people). I have to go to farms, but raw milk not illegal, which is a good sign.

  5. Fortunately this was not a politically inspired statement. Rather it was random pieces of lunch on my plate and then I picked up the bell pepper and realized it was a perfect Roman nose. I added the hair piece, I mean lettuce and saw Trump looking back at me. Political ads are everywhere! I shot and ate him before he could say anything. Good thing I keep a camera handy.

  6. Bob Mattie says:

    I am absolutely sure the 1% will want all the democracy money can buy. No wonder I want to close the gates and dig the moat. Nice to see you had lunch with Donald.

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