Iron Oval

Found Object: Iron Oval

According to what I’ve read our land is too high up in the mountains for Native American settlements so we never find arrow heads. Our rock is igneous so we never find fossils. What we do find are shards of ceramics and metal from the settlers who bought this bony mountain land over 200 years ago – sight unseen. Homesteads were mapped out on a grid by the surveyors such that some ended up down in the marsh and others on the peak of the mountain. Both were fails although people did try as evidenced by the foundations.

I at least have the excuse of having walked it before buying. I also had the advantage of looking over the house sites in our valley to understand why the people over the past two centuries built their homes where they did – such as springs and lee of the mountain to get out of the wind – and why some failed while others lasted.

With over two centuries of occupation we keep turning up found objects in our fields. Some as recent as a leather boot – fortunately no foot attached. Others are likely two hundred year old bricks. The one pictured above is a rusted chunk of iron. I don’t know what it was for – Perhaps a buckle on a leather strap for a work horse.


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6 Responses to Iron Oval

  1. Farmerbob1 says:

    I don’t think that would be a buckle, Walter.

    I had to dig to find the name, but it looks more like a ‘tuck loop’

  2. Nance says:

    what are the dimensions of this artifact?

  3. Nance says:

    if my dad was here, he could tell you. He learned to plow with a horse and regretfully gave the horses up for a tractor.

  4. Jessie N. says:

    Re your daily spark:
    Lead rhymes with read and lead rhymes with read; but lead does not rhyme with read and lead does not rhyme with read.

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