Barn Swallow Chicks

Barn Swallow Chicks

We have a lot of killdeer, barn swallows and other birds in our pastures. In fact there are far more birds and other wildlife here now than when we moved to our land over 25 years ago. The reason is we opened up our fields. Dense forests are not very biodiverse, neither for wildlife or plants. Rather because the canopies are dominated by mature trees they are fairly dark with little light and food down at the forest floor.

Ben spotted this nest in the eaves of the south field shed. When he first saw the nest they were just tiny eggs. They’re growing fast and soon these little guys will be out catching insects. Yeah!

Outdoors: 80°F/54°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 72°F/64°F

Daily Spark: Skinless, boneless chickens… Eggs.

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2 Responses to Barn Swallow Chicks

  1. traye says:

    One of my favorite things about getting our farm (one year ago August) is all the small wildlife. Birds I’ve never seen, (I’ve been stomping through the south east woods for 40 years but never lived in them), bugs, butterflies. We have resident Bobwhite that I hear all the time and see quite a bit and I’ve never seen them outside a hunting preserve. It’s like being a kid again and being wowed by the world around me.

  2. Prairie_Fire says:

    The swallows are fun to watch – a pair built a nest near the door to my daughter’s day care last year so we were able to watch them fledge two groups of nestlings last year as we came and went every day during the week.

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