Peep Peep New Chicks

Rhode Island Red Hen with Nine Chicks

In addition to sounds of piglets and nine goslings we also have two new clutches of chicks from our hens. The Rhode Island Red hen above has none. There were actually two hens who were laying and setting on that nest in the sorting corral so some are likely the other hen’s but they seem to all of imprinted on this hen.

She’s doing a great job with them, teaching them to forage and scratch for worms and choice forages on the strawberry level, lower pond paddock and around the compost pile. They’re growing quickly so I know they must be finding lots to eat.

The other hen is an Araucana hen, the ones who lay blue and green eggs. The father could be a Rhode Island Red, an Araucana or a White Orpington. Chicken’s don’t kiss and tell – they don’t have lips so they don’t sink ships.

Outdoors: 74°F/53°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 68°F/62°F

Daily Spark: I’m a big fan if easing into things, trying a little at a time, taking small bites and chewing thoroughly. You don’t have to conquer the world all in one day. Do it bit-by-bit.

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  1. traye says:

    We have chicks, about twenty right now with more on the way. We have 5 or 6 specific breeds, three layer hybrids and most of our roosters are some cross or other, not one chick looks anything like another chick. Complete rainbow but dang they are cuties, especially the one that I can tell can from one of the laced Wyandotte breeds.

    We’re selling all the eggs we can produce and still disappointing many people who want but can’t get, need more chicken.

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