One Million Words

Over 1,000,000 Words

According to the word counter I have now written 1,000,187 words on Sugar Mountain Farm blog posts. Yesterday’s post topped the one million word mark. An interesting milestone as we come up on my blog’s ten year anniversary.

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Daily Spark: Do you believe in chicken breasts?

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3 Responses to One Million Words

  1. am in the pm says:

    Daily spark : I thought chickens are classified as birds not mammals .

    • Exactly. If chickens are birds and only mammals give milk then why would chickens have breasts? Humans have big breasts for sex appeal to attract a mate by displaying their capacity for to reproduce and care for offspring. Otherwise they would go flat between pregnancies just like other mammals do. This raises the question of why would chickens have breasts and do you even believe in them? That was my train of thought…

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