Word Count 997,952

997,952 Words

I just found a WordPress tool which revealed that I’ve written 997,952 words on my blog. That’s nearly 1 Million words. Wow! I wasn’t expecting it to be anywhere near that high.

That is just the articles I’ve written in blog posts and pages that have been published to date. It does not include the responses to questions in comments.

That breaks down to about:

  • 10 books of a typical 256 page size
  • 2,288 articles
  • 273 words per day
  • 2,000 words per week
  • 8,200 words per month
  • 98,000 words per year

In addition to those 997,952 published words in 2,288 blog posts and 43 blog pages there are another 1,972 articles I’ve written but not yet published.

This really shows what happens when you rinse and repeat, when you keep doing something, pecking away at it day by day. Except, I touch type so no hunting and pecking like my chickens!

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Daily Spark: I know it’s true because I read it on the internet, because it was in the newspaper, a book, because someone told me, a scientific journal. Each era has their trusted source. A recent scientific study showed that nearly 50% of science paper’s offered results that were not replicable, that were not peer reviewed or were simply falsified. One wonders about that study too…

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  1. Farmerbob1 says:

    Congratulations on a million, Walter, or near-grats. Another couple articles will get you to nine digits, for sure!

    I love the daily spark. So true.

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