Signs in Vermont

Round and Round They Went

There is this funny sign in Montpelier that clearly shows two men and a lady dancing with a ladder. Why the ladder I have no idea!

We folk dance. That is to say contra dancing, square dancing, circle dancing, line dancing (old style), couples dancing, waltzing, etc. I have been dancing all of my life – probably starting in-utero. My ancestors have been contra dancing for hundreds of years going back to the old countries. But I have never done a dance that is two men, a woman and a ladder. It looks… interesting. I wonder what is the purpose and significance of the ladder. The rest I can imagine.

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Daily Spark: Double-blind testing is a key part of scientific testing. Before the invention of blind folds and eye lids this was a bit rough on the participants.

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4 Responses to Signs in Vermont

  1. Nance says:

    I would not even begin to know how to navigate, reading that sign. We don’t have round roads in Iowa!

  2. Peter says:

    Ah yes the sign for the round-about a.k.a. traffic circle. A favored device in New Jersey. :-)

    • The round abouts are great. The one in the picture used to be a very dangerous intersection where someone we know got killed just before the round about was put in. Since the round about I do not think that there have been any accidents there and it feels much safer, and easier, to negotiate. I would hazard they are probably saving gasoline too – good for the environment.

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