Fresh & Frozen Roasters Available Today

Sugar Mountain Farm Roaster Pig Ready To Cook

We have a fresh 52 lb roaster pig ($320) available for this weekend (Saturday & Sunday 6/27 & 6/28) as well as a frozen 11 lb oven roaster ($210). The fresh pig can can be picked up now for an immediate event or for a $100 deposit we can put it in the freezer to hold it for you for a coming event within the next two weeks. Other roaster sizes are also available to order ahead with a one month lead time. See the Roaster Page for more details.

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Daily Spark: When I worked at Walmart during my Sr. year of high school. a new girl I worked with used to work for K-Mart. She picked up the phone to make an announcement and said “Attention K-Mart shoppers…” (by this time she had realized her mistake so she said) “…You’re in the wrong store.”M. Malone

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5 Responses to Fresh & Frozen Roasters Available Today

  1. Julia says:

    $210 for an 11 lb roaster is almost $20/lb. I know suckling pig is delicious, maybe this is why I’ve never actually had any!

    • Aye, there is a floor price because the processing cost is fixed at $60 and it takes five months to get a pig to that size with gestation, farrowing and nursing. Suckling pigs and oven roasters are something I make a habit of although we’ve done five here. They are delicious and very tender. A very special event with not too many people like Will’s birthday, a small family reunion, etc. We sell a lot of them.

    • Cary Howe says:

      Free range heritage chickens go for $25 or more each on the web. An 11lb is kind of a specialty item because it can still go in a standard oven. True free range and heritage breeds aren’t for bargain shoppers but they are much better quality. Never trust a supermarket when they claim meat is free range. True free range is largely limited to small producers. The 52lb is a better bargain but that’s a big animal. Some industrial ovens could handle it but not a standard oven. $6 a pound is a really good price. I know other free range producers that have to charge $8+ a pound for full grown free range and you don’t want to know what some heritage breeds bring. A Jamon Ham can run up to $900 a piece. They are considered the best in the world so you are paying for quality and rarity.

  2. Nance says:

    could you send me some nice fresh farm eggs? I’m in Iowa. Land of the Bird Flu. : (

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