Kayak Fun

Will and Kimsa Kayaking on Upper Pond

Life is not all hard work on the farm. Our upper pond is a great place to cool off and play. The reservoir is our storage basin to make sure we can get through a dry year. It’s not a big pond but it is big enough for fun. Over the years I’ve been gradually making it deeper as the bank’s hardened and Hope grew taller.

Will doing the Kayak Limbo under Spring Spray

In the background of the first photo you can make out the pulsing spray from the sap house spring water fountain that comes down the mountain through over 2,000′ of pipe with about 165′ of head. It shoots quite forcefully across the upper pound creating a limbo line for kayakers.

When pointed straight up the fountain goes 40′ to 70′ up in the air depending on how the nozzle is constricted and how full the pipe is which depends on the flow into the sap house spring head at the top. Pretty impressive – a cooling mist for the whole area.

Outdoors: 74°F/54°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 68°F/62°F

Daily Spark: Stay calm…Unless you believe in the random orbital patterns of a Universe filled with potatoe chips headed for the Big Crunch.

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3 Responses to Kayak Fun

  1. Dawn Carroll says:

    With fall like your water has, a perpetual ram pump, would take water about a 1000 feet farther than what you have now. And since the pump doesn’t consume the entire water source you would still have water in your pond.
    I have wanted to put one on my place for irrigation purposes but they will not run sprinklers or so I am told anyway. One has to pump the water into a big reservoir that is high in the air or way above what you want to irrigate to run sprinkler lines.
    I am sure with the skills that you all have you could build one from scratch…
    I was hiking in the hills outside of Baker City Oregon in the Blue Mountains and came across a pepetual ram pump that was pumping water out of one of the many mines that used to litter the hillsides. This pump was still going, unattended, and still doing its job pumping water out of the mine onto the mountain side surface. One could hear the curchunk, curchunk, of the ram coming from inside the mountain somewhere. I never did find an opening to go in and observe the operation. Probably just as well as I would most likely get lost in the labyrinth of tunnels and would still be wondering around to this day had I ventured inside the mine.

  2. Jenny Carpenter says:

    Wa hoo! Nice bod!
    Guess all that farm work pays off.
    Farm boys are so…cute.
    Cute dog too. Love it on the boat!!

  3. Rita says:

    I like your article. Great idea and great pictures! Well done!Thanks for the post.

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