Inverted Nipple

Inverted Nipple

When I am doing vaccines I like to have isopropyl alcohol available for dipping tools and needles. The problem is it’s all too easy to spill a pail of C3H8O. While feeding a kitchen pig I serendipitously dropped the bottle and had an epiphany.

Flipping the nipple around lets me stick my tool into the bottle. This works extremely well with the multi-shot injectors I use for vaccines when weaning piglets and breeders.

Tip: Did you know that Skatole, the primary smell component of shit, is alcohol soluble? I discovered this while doing my boar taint research years ago. If I have shit on my hands, I wash them with soap and water and then isopropyl alcohol which puts the skatole into solution so it can rinse away taking the otherwise hard to remove smell off my hands. Isn’t science fun? And practical too!

The level of the bottle above is low because that is what was left after a session. When I am all done I dump the remaining alcohol into the 140°F hot water bath I’m using to help sanitize my equipment post pig shooting. A couple of minutes of that and the volume repeater syringes, notchers and such are ready to dry and put away for the next session.

Outdoors: 65°F/41°F 1″ Rain, Sunny
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Daily Spark: It is better to complain about something you can control like the weather than the government.

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8 Responses to Inverted Nipple

  1. Steve S. says:

    Great trick. Tricks i should say. Love the top pic with all the colorful piglets.

  2. James Patterson says:

    I enjoy your daily sparks but don’t quit your day job Walter!

  3. Sally Sievers says:

    What do you vaccinate against? I know you have very strong biosecurity.

  4. Charlie Bell says:

    Congratulations an a spectacular gob. Shirley and I are very impressed with your attention to detail to insure everything is just perfect before starting. Looking forward to some bacon and great spare ribs. <};-)))

    • Soon! Thank you Charlie and Shirley for all your help and patience! Its been a long project, building the butcher shop, and we’re about to get to that rewarding part of cutting… Looong anticipated!

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