Water Test Passed!

Sugar Mountain Farm Butcher Shop Water Test Results

We passed our water test!

To operate a food processing facility, a.k.a. a butcher shop, the water has to pass the national water testing standards. In a city that is be default – they add chemicals to the water to kill everything and are constantly testing the water. But out in the rural sticks we have wells, dug and drilled, as well as springs which are a bit more challenging – a trade off for our better tasting water.

Here the water literally flows out of a crack in Sugar Mountain, having been filtered through the bedrock up above us. From there it gravity feeds down to our cottage, the farm and our butcher shop. It tastes pure and delicious.

But what the water tastes like is not what the tests are all about. They’re looking for food safety – that is what are the bacteria counts like in the water. The water test couldn’t happen until after all the plumbing was done and it is a big relief to have that step done.

Passing the water test is one more of those many little steps that must happen in the licensing of our on-farm butcher shop now that we are built and up to the point of actually getting our licenses.[1, 2, 3].

Had the water not been able to test clear we would have had to add chemical purfications or something to meet the NSF standards. I would rather not be adding chemicals to our water as that would change the flavor for one thing. Chlorine is rather noxious as well since after all it is meant to kill things. Other solutions include ceramic filters, ultra violet purification, digging a deeper well or drilling down far below the surface.

Now that we’ve passed the water test we’re on to the next step! I’m working on our HACCP/PR, SSOPs, other food safety plans and our final label sketches. We’re almost there.

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Daily Spark: The nice thing about breeding pigs is your mistakes taste like bacon.

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5 Responses to Water Test Passed!

  1. David M. M. says:

    Excellent! Your persistance and attention to detail are pying off!

  2. Nance says:

    Blessings that your water is pure and plentiful!

  3. Charlie Bell says:

    Shirley and I have followed you progress from the beginning. What a great accomplishment of a monumental project. We will be looking forward to some of that bacon and ribs. Congratulations to your whole family for everyone’s part to make your butcher shop a great success.
    Our best to each of you from Arlington, TEXAS.
    Charlie and Shirley Bell

  4. Louis Reale says:

    Another hurdle cleared! Whether you just need a drink or you are operating a butcher shop, you cannot put a price on a supply of clean, pure water!

  5. Farmerbob1 says:

    One more step :)


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