How To Undent an Egg

Hope using Magic to Undent a Chicken Egg

Occasionally we get a broken egg when collecting from our hens so this little trick is very handy.

You might wonder how she did this. It’s simple, Hope used magic. You might say, “Nah! It’s a movie trick!” But no, this was simply a video of Hope undenting an egg. There were no cuts, no edits, no digital effects, no animation, nothing like that. This is the full live recording from start to finish and yes, it is running forward. There were no edits or other movie magic. It is just Hope doing magic on a chicken egg. Really.

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Daily Spark: “Bangs and smoke were more often the marks of ineptitude than expertise.” ―Dumbledore in JK Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

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8 Responses to How To Undent an Egg

  1. Farmerbob1 says:

    With 400 chickens in the field, I’m sure that skill will come in very handy!

  2. Ryan says:

    Was the egg washed in vinegar?

  3. Chiral says:

    Looks like an egg that was laid without a shell, just with the inner membrane. I see those sometimes, usually from pullets.

  4. David Lloyd Sutton says:

    You can do that trick with leathery turtle eggs too . . . I’ve seen chicken eggs that came out that way a few times. But kudos, Hope, I couldn’t see any flex in your holding hand. You’re obviously headed for Hogwarts.

  5. David Lloyd Sutton says:

    I was thinking what Chiral was. Then I thought it was lensed light with the “dent” being the magician’s suggestion. But that doesn’t square with the shadow in the dent . . . now my morning will be full of head scratchin’!!

    Treasure Vermont. We’ve had two days at 102 F. Yesterday there was a powerful dry wind, too, and the air was full of dust from the nearby fields. This year they are planted to sunflowers, hundreds of acres of them, but that doesn’t stop the dust. AC is necessary in order to run a computer, and because the place has to be sealed against the dust. My power bill will be frightening.

  6. Petra says:

    Thats so cool hope!!!!! I cant figureout how you did it! You are magic!!

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