Water Plumbed

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I finally finished up the source water plumbing with filters, pressure pump, hot water heaters (140°F & 185°F) this last week. Out of the couple hundred PEX fittings only two leaked. I had forgotten to crimp them. Oops.

The threaded brass fittings were a little more challenging with four of those leaking and needing to be redone. All were on the hot water heaters. Disassemble, clean, more teflon tape and they’re good now.

The highly efficient heat pump based Accelera 300 uses heat from the air raise our cold mountain water from 45°F to 139°F for use in the shower and sinks. An EeMAX EX144T2S on-demand hot water heater then boosts the temperature up to 185°F for the required sanitizing hot water hose in the cutting room. Hot stuff!

The cool thing about the heat pump is it serves four functions. I am using it to heat the hot water, obviously, to drive air circulation, for dehumidification and to cool the cutting room. Cold dry air blows out of the heat pump – it’s an air conditioner. That air goes into iCutter. It drops the air temperature of the room by about five to seven degrees Fahrenheit while also drying the air out. I like multi-functionality.

Today the inspector came and got a water sample which will go to the laboratory to make sure our mountain spring water is of sufficient quality. One more step towards opening the butcher shop.

Outdoors: 68°F/44°F 1″ Rain, Spots of Sun
Tiny Cottage: 67°F/62°F

Daily Spark: Imagine if birth certificates came with expiration dates.

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