Fresh & Frozen Roasters Available Today

Sugar Mountain Farm Roaster Pig Ready To Cook

We have a fresh 52 lb roaster pig ($320) available for this weekend (Saturday & Sunday 6/27 & 6/28) as well as a frozen 11 lb oven roaster ($210). The fresh pig can can be picked up now for an immediate event or for a $100 deposit we can put it in the freezer to hold it for you for a coming event within the next two weeks. Other roaster sizes are also available to order ahead with a one month lead time. See the Roaster Page for more details.
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Cohort Size & Summer Feeder Weaner Piglets Available

Sleeping Summer Feeder Weaner Piglets

We just weaned piglets last week and have caught up with the backlist of reserved piglets so feeder weaner piglets are available to buy and raise up over the summer months.

These piglets are six to eight weeks old – robust and already had a good start on pasture. Depending on the diet you feed they should be ready to butcher in November to December. They can be kept right into winter if you prefer to add more marbling for an excellent charcuterie pig. In early winter is a good time to slaughter as the butcher’s schedules start to ease up then. See the Piglet Page for pricing and details.

If you would like some delicious pastured pork but don’t want to raise your own then see the Pork Page for whole and half pig options or visit the local stores and restaurants that carry Sugar Mountain Farm pastured pork in Vermont. If you would like to order directly from our farm for a whole pig, a half pig or a monthly CSA box you can contact me via email. You can pickup here at the farm or get delivery along our weekly route here in Vermont. I have two openings in mid and late July for whole and half pigs and am booking pigs into August through fall as well.
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Kayak Fun

Will and Kimsa Kayaking on Upper Pond

Life is not all hard work on the farm. Our upper pond is a great place to cool off and play. The reservoir is our storage basin to make sure we can get through a dry year. It’s not a big pond but it is big enough for fun. Over the years I’ve been gradually making it deeper as the bank’s hardened and Hope grew taller.
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