Pig Bit Watch

Ben’s Watch Post Pig

This is what you get when a pig bites a watch. Good thing it was not an Apple Watch.[1, 2]

Ben had been out working on the north field fencing and his watch came off, somewhere. Miraculously he found it the next day. Unfortunately a pig found it first and did some taste testing.

Pigs are like great white sharks. They don’t actually like eating watches but that first bite is a killer. Then they spit you back out. Fortunately Ben was not wearing the watch when the pig was tasting it.

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Daily Spark: Exactness is not.

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3 Responses to Pig Bit Watch

  1. Jenny Carpenter says:

    So glad Ben was not in the watch!

  2. Nance says:

    was it a ‘two bit’ watch?

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