Yeti Again

Fake Yeti at Agway

The local Agway Farm Store has a “Yeti” out front for a publicity stunt. Obviously, although he might be a celebrity, he is a fake Yeti. I pointed this out to Ingrid who works at the store. She laughed.

Fake vs Real Yeti Feet

It’s the feet that clued me into the fact that this is not a real Yeti. Just look at those toes. Obviously this guy wears tight shoes. Check out the damage to the big and little toes, how they’re deformed to a point. Maybe he was a Wall Street banker or movie executive with shiny, tight black leather shoes. Sure, perhaps he gets out in the woods and hikes around on weekends but that doesn’t make him a real Yeti. Real Yeti would have toes that spread for gripping the ground, walking on top of deep snow and slogging over marshes. Like the broad toes on the foot at right.

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Daily Spark: Some people are hard to miss.

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2 Responses to Yeti Again

  1. David Davidson says:

    Well. That explains a lot. I take it that is the camermans foot on the right. The real yetti doing a selfie of his foot……. :-)

  2. David Lloyd Sutton says:

    My Dad was a cobbler in the thirties, and was careful to ensure my brother and I had adequate shoe space, growing up. Also we spent years going barefoot, until school age. Nonetheless, running in military boots, working in dress shoes, etc., have given me the forward pointing toes you cite. When I was teaching in the New Hebrides (those poor folks who just recently got smacked by a cyclone in what is now Vanuatu) I saw people who had often enough not had any shoes growing up, and thereafter had just had the cheap sandals we call flip flops. Typically, their big toes were very close to perpendicular to the line of their feet. We need to rethink our cobbling. I suspect that a lot of old age accidents would be eliminated with retention of naturally shaped feet.

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