Goose Stepping

Geese in South Field Paddocks

We’re starting to green up here on the mountain. Six hundred feet lower in altitude they have perhaps eight inches of grass growth in their fields. Ours will be there soon… Thinking green thoughts…

How many geese can you count?

There are ducks in the photo too… Can you find them? Beware the rocks.

Outdoors: 55°F/34°F Sunny, Light Rain
Tiny Cottage: 66°F/62°F

Daily Spark: If you aren’t thinking bad thoughts you shouldn’t object to having your mind read. -New NSA Program Directive.

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4 Responses to Goose Stepping

  1. Terry says:

    How many geese do you have running around Walter? Are they starting to sit or do you not let them hatch out any.

  2. Jake says:

    Do the geese respect the electric fence? Been toying around with the idea of getting some again if for no other reason than I’ve always enjoyed having them around and they make good alarms but I wasn’t sure if they’d respect electric and that’s all we have for now…

    • Yes, they will respect good electric fencing. They’ll slip through poorly setup fencing. They are less susceptible to a charge due to the insulation of their feathers. But if there are sufficient numbers of wires, the wires are hot and tight then they don’t tend to challenge the fences. They’re more likely to go through a gate that is left open. And then they return later.

      The geese certainly do make noisy alarms which pulls the attention of our livestock guardian herding dogs to come investigate and deal with the problem. However the geese should not be expected to actually do real guarding, fighting against predators. They put up a strong show of hissing but a real predator would just kill them. They lack the true teamwork that the dogs have where they coordinate their work. It’s more a matter of each working similarly independently and just being very obnoxious. I like them.

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