Application to Butcher

Applications to Butcher

At Town Office after getting applications for butchering notarized by the local Notary Public.

This afternoon the head of the Vermont Department of Meat Inspection came out to our butcher shop and went over the final details of construction, loved everything, check off the check boxes on the official inspection for opening form and went over the paperwork we need to file and last things to do in order to open our butcher shop. We’re almost there!

Our next stop was at the town office to get the documents notarized – thus the photo above.

One more big step on our way to on-farm butchering!

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12 Responses to Application to Butcher

  1. JohnL says:

    Well done, Jeffries!! The pioneering spirit is live and flourishing in Vermont.

  2. DoubleAcre says:


  3. Sal says:

    Yahoo!! Well Done Jeffries Family!!

  4. Am in the Pm says:

    It’s finals time in schools so appropriate for you to pass.

  5. PV says:

    Super Jefferies!!!!!! Wowsa so impressed! I have loved following this unimaginablly big project of yours!

  6. Angie bass says:

    Hooray! I’ve enjoyed following your trials and tribulations- congratulations on entering the final round before you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

  7. karl says:

    awesome, congratulations!

  8. Amanda F. says:

    I am so proud of you guys!!!!!

  9. Sue says:

    Hope you were able to celebrate your great accomplishments (pig roast?!).

  10. Nicola says:

    That’s super! So happy for you all!

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