Calendar Girl – Middle Aged Now

Calendar Girl Kristie Later In Life

This sow was a calendar girl in the 2015 Sugar Mountain Farm Calendar. Her photo then actually was taken nearly a year ago ago when she was a first time mother. That was three litters of piglets ago. She is now nearly twice the size she was in her original calendar photo, an excellent achievement for her species.

She has both fast growth on pasture right through winter and she delivered three litters in a year. That is much better than the average of 2.3 litters a year. She’s also got good temperament to boot. All winning traits that help make her a keeper in that fierce competition to get into and stay in the breeder pool. Only about 5% of gilts make it to that rarified status of sow.

If you look very closely you can see all nine piglets.

Outdoors: 71°F/34°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 67°F/63°F

Daily Spark: Toot sweet, toot alone, toot louder because no one is there to hear.

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4 Responses to Calendar Girl – Middle Aged Now

  1. PV says:

    Kristie as in kristie Allen the plus size actress? is that who she is named after? I have noticed how u name yor pigs after movie stars and such.

  2. Deborah Hartt says:

    Two of our sister sows gave birth, Clover on 04-14, and Ruby on 04-17, and the 16 piglets are active and healthy. About 1 week ago they started nuzzling their “Granny”, Clover and Rubys mom, and are now nursing from her as well. She is producing milk. The thing is though, I don’t think she is pregnant herself…is this possible? Can a sow induce lactation like this even if not pregnant? Or is she about to give birth? Usually you can squeeze a solid jet of milk hours before they farrow, and we use this indicator pretty successfully to tell how close the girls are to birthing…Pigsley is doing this, but nothing else about her looks pregnant?..?..?what do you think? Thanks for such a great informative blog. I read this a lot. Let me know. Peace, Deborah.

    • Yes, this can happen. Suckling can induce lactation with or without pregnancy. If she is gestating it would be best if they are not suckling on her and in that case I would suggest separating them.

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